What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is a Web-based software tool which supports and facilitates education at Hood College. It provides faculty with pre-formatted templates that allow for easy entry of course materials into the system and a default Web page for every course offered by the College.  It also offers facilities for interactive communication, secure submission of student assignments to faculty and online quizzes and examinations. Blackboard is intended as a supplement to the classroom instructional experience while enhancing communication between faculty and students through the sharing of materials and ideas beyond the context of the traditional class session.

Student Account Information for Blackboard

If your instructor has indicated that information has been added to the Blackboard system for a course you are taking, please follow these steps for logging in and navigating the system.

1. Go to the Blackboard Web site (http://blackboard.hood.edu) This site can be accessed on or off campus 24 hours a day.
Click on the "LOGIN" button.

2. Enter your username, which is your Hood assigned Network account user name.

Example: abc01

3. Enter your Hood/Pergola Network password.

4. Click on "LOGIN"

5. If you have logged on correctly, you are now at the "My Institution Page". Feel free to explore this page as you would any Web site. There are many information tools as well as system tools that you can access from this central page. Blackboard is an intuitive system that gives the user great ease of use and an abundance of functionality. Any courses for which you are registered, where your instructor has chosen to use Blackboard, will be listed on the right hand side of the page with a link in the "My Courses" box.  Click on that link to enter your Blackboard class.

6. Once you have linked to your course site you can begin to explore the information posted by your instructor. Depending on the extent of your instructor’s use of this supplemental learning tool you may find no content or a wide range of content, including the syllabus, course documents, surveys, discussion boards, assignments, grades and Internet links to related course topics. Students have view-only rights to content on this course site and cannot change or add any new information.

7. Once you have completed your visit to the site, log out by selecting the "LOGOUT" button at the top of the screen.

This will terminate your active session. To re-enter your course site you will have to log on again.


*If you have any questions please contact End User Computing via e-mail at euc@hood.edu.